Marek Golonka

Story game design

(tutorial/workshop, 1 h to 2 h)
A story game is, as you might expect, a game with rules that can be used to tell a story. There are many such games in the world, allowing to tell the stories of an almost infinite range of topics varying from the Warsaw Uprising to conducting research in CERN or surviving a first date. Since such games need rules mostly to help divide the responsibility for the story's shape and stimulate creativity they are usually really simple and I believe that one can learn to create them really fast. Would you like to try?

Magda Góralska and Leszek Siemiński
Dance class - Lindy Hop Intro
This will be an evening activity (we presume) - we believe the minimum amount of time need to learn basic Lindy Hop steps is 1,5 h.

Maciej Kozubal

Synthesis of sushi

(15 - 30 minutes talk + workshop)
Goal of this talk would be to take the listeners onto the journey where history, tradition and secrets of sushi would be revealed. Different techniques and types of sushi will be shown.
As a summary I plan on making subsequent workshop on sushi making.
(I would require list of participants along with cash in advance for me to buy necessary ingredients, ~ 20 - 25 zł)
(Every participant would need to take with them one THIN and SHARP knife.)
(Whomever would like to only eat sushi instead of making it, the cost would be ~ 20 zł.)

How sharp is enough?

If you can cut the tomato with your knife when applying only small pressure - then the knife should be fine.
how early in the morning can you begin? ;]
Since the sun rises.
I can bring really spicy stuff if someone likes :)
Bring it on.

Stanisław Krawczyk

Songs by Jacek Kaczmarski

I'll be happy to play and sing some songs by Jacek Kaczmarski (possibly also a few other things). I can take as much or as little time as needed.

Piotr Migdał

Git - version control

How to collaborate on files so you won't say "Look at the last version, it is essay_final5_review_FINALLL.doc or something like that".

More ore less in the line of: Why use version control systems for writing a paper?
Before workshops: install Git ( and (in Windows or OSX) install
Alternatively, I can talk sbout setting up Jekyll blog ( or a really short intro to D3.js.

Albert Bogdanowicz

Data analysis in Python

I'd like to take a few public datasets (one per participant or pair) and do some statistical analysis in Python. Depending on how fast the participants will work, I plan to show how to clean data, find basic values (mean, standard deviation…), correlations, do some fancy plots, and maybe a bit of machine learning.
I plan to use Pandas and scikit-learn.
You can bring your own data if you want.

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