6th Offtopicarium Workshops

The inverted pyramid (Olle Bergman)

Why you should use the BLUF—‘bottom line up front’–principle in your communication and start with the most important stuff. Useful for writing, speaking, emailing, announcing things, designing posters and while using social media.

Astrophotography with DSLR camera(Artur Piróg)

How to make some interesting nighttime photos using simple DSLR or good quality mirrorless camera. I will bring some raw photographic material and show how to make it look quite interesting,

CryptoParty (Paweł Chojnacki)

Basics of computer security for normal people. Defense from everyday threats and annoyances: viruses, phising scams, cybercriminals. Advanced technologies for data and communication encryption, and better open source alternatives for your daily needs. Requires about 2 hours and an internet connection.4

Own inner body experience (related to motion and forces). (By Oid Maps).

[It's  not a talk but a practical session and needs a time-space for 90  minutes and some space with a not-cold and blank floor, wood preferred,  stone also OK if people bring sth. to lay on]
I  want to share something about own inner body experience and awaken a  couriosity-awareness-driven approach to it. It is about sensing the  settle things of motions (e.g. the very onset of a motion), about what  happens inside the body during "just standing", about the  interconnections when doing something isolated, about building structure within the body when working against a force (starting with light forces, so that the small things can be observed, which are needed to  understand when we want to be efficient with the big things) etc.
The  whole thing is inspired by several years of practice of "Contact  Improvisation" and concepts that made it's way into my practice of it. It will start on the floor and can get energetic at the end. Be prepared  to be courious about the movement residing in stillness, about  interconnections inside your body, about forces.

Shiatsu-inspired bodywork. (By Oid Maps.)

I want introduce to bodywork inspired by Shiatsu-principles:
(1) Emptying yourself from "preconcepts" on wanting to find or heal something specific,
(2) Awareness, especially also to stuff which does not make it's way into the intellect,
(3) Couriosity,
(4) Feeling good for the giver as well as the receiver (easy posture, working with gravitxy rather than muscular force ..).
Good time is a 90-minute-session, on the floor, something to lay on e.g. a blanket.

IPython Notebook (Piotr Migdał)

IPython Notebook is an interactive environment for computations; it can combine code, plots, text and mathematical formula; I will show how it can change they way analyzes (whether in physics, machine learning or sociology) are being done and presented.
(I can turn it into a short workshop, if there is a need. Then participants would need to install Python 3.4 from https://store.continuum.io/cshop/anaconda/.)

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