6th Offtopicarium Participants

Mikołaj Babiak

Student at the Institute of Physical Chemistry. I do not do chemistry - my work deals with microfluidic devices and bacteria. I also work at a spin-off that develops a device for medical diagnostics. Other than that I'm trying to find my way at the intersection of business and science. I want to go to Mars one day:)

Olle Bergman

Based in Sweden, I am a communications consultant (mostly in the science, medical and scientific fields), public speaker, educator, freelance writer and author (mostly in the popular history field).
My pet project is Crastina–a platform for the exchange of experience, knowledge and inspiration regarding scientific peer-to-peer communication and science dissemination.
I live in Eskilstuna, 120 km west of Stockholm, with my wife (who also is my colleague) and four of my five children (number five studies in Lund). I keep working on my great unfinished novel, love being outdoors (orienteering) and am a decent guitar player and singer.

Zuza Borzymowska

PhD student at Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology. Interested in neurophysiology, neuropsychology, climbing, cats, larps, and surviving PhD studies.

Paweł 'alxd' Chojnacki

Member of Warsaw Hackerspace, digital freedom, open source and open science activist, transhumanist interested in neuroscience, neural implants and the way technology is shaping our society.

Gabriela Górska

Desperately trying to finish MA in Psychology. Has just finished amazing adventure with Global Education Network 2014 (GLEN) with accomplishing 3-months internship in Kenya. Interested in approach to development in global South countries.

Jan Jablonka

Neurobiologist at Faculty of Biology, Warsaw University working on cortical plasticity. Mostly concentrated on interhemispheric interactions in the brain plasticity dynamics.
Due to obsessive curiosity interested in too many things to be worth mentioning.
Likes striding, painting and almost everything except of boiled celeriac.

Błażej Jaworowski

PhD student in physics at Wrocław university of Technology (2nd year), also an aspiring SF writer (two stories published), recently became interested in transhumanism.

Arjen van Kol

Started several university studies more than I finished, among which electrical engineering and musicology. Still very much interested in technology and information as a social phenomenon, music, radio, languages and their creative possibilities. Making a living by helping people find the right words. Trying to learn Polish.

Rysiek Kostecki

Postdoc at Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics. http://www.fuw.edu.pl/~kostecki
Interests: life, people, arts, mountains, travels, philosophy. Studied, and is into, some psychology, history, sociology, anthropology. Was a C++ programmer many years ago.

Marcin Kowrygo

I am a neurobiologist trained in both molecular and cognitive brain research, currently aiming
at utilizing my competences in the fields of AI, data science and brain-computer interfaces.
My interests include the sleep and consciousness studies, science policy, (bio)entrepreneurship
and exponential trends examined from a skeptical perspective.
As a president of student society, member of NGOs and a nonpartisan candidate to the European Parliament, I have been actively involved in advocating public understanding of science
and collaborative (e-)policymaking. I invite serendipitous collaborations to occur.

Maciej Kozubal

PhD-student-like researcher at Institute of Electron Technology. Solid state physicist. Scientist both in work and in life. Interested in world, people and interactions with both - through sports (climbing, hiking, bicycle), martial arts, dancing, board games, LARPs, cooking (sushi, Indian, Japanese and Italian cuisine), etc. Among scientific topics (beside work) I am most interested in Biomimetics and Atmospherical Phenomena.

Staszek Krawczyk

PhD student in sociology, hoping to stay on in academia. Graduated in psychology and Polish philology. Writes articles and blog posts about popular culture (especially fantastic fiction, video games, and pen-and-paper RPGs). Irritated left-wing Catholic.

Dominik Kufel

High schooler, enthusiast of any kind of science. My key interest are natural sciences, especially physics and recently biology. I am interested also in programming(mostly in Python) and philosophy. I like multidisciplinary approach to science and life. Currently I am thinking about my future studies and associations. Apart from science I am interested in music: playing(10th year of guitar study; this year having additional instrument (piano) graduation exam) and listening (mainly Chopin, Wieniawski, Schubert, 50s). Besides I like cycling, swimming and folk dance.

Piotr Migdał

Data science freelancer, with PhD in quantum physics. Interested in complex networks, data-driven science and teaching gifted schoolchildren. Wants to revolutionize science and education. Likes long e-mails.

Monika Pawłowska

Postdoc at Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology, wit PhD in physics. Professionally, I'm a laser physicist. Others tell me where to point and shoot my laser and I do it - currently, mouse and rat brains. Privately, interested in literature, food, bike lanes (or more broadly, green, cyclist&pedestrian-friendly-cities), clothes. Trying to learn Dutch.

Artur Piróg

Phd student at Gdańsk University, specializing in protein biochemistry. Trying to check if doing science(and other things as well) could be actually much easier(or efficient, if you prefer).

Adrianna Smurzyńska

I'm PhD student in Institute of Philosophy at Jagiellonian University, MA student of psychology at JU, student of interdisciplinary PhD programme "Society-Environment-Technology". My mail scientific interests are: cognitive science, developmental psychology and psychology of creativity. I work a lot with children and adults. And write - a lot.

Krzysztof Stasiak

I'm university dropout (I tried sociology, econometrics and CS), earning a living developing prototypes of electronics, after hours I'm involved in building a FabLab in my home town of Łódź.
I started out by diving into the Open Hardware and FabLab communities. Recently, I got fascinated by education and how we can modernise it. Currently I'm organising a hardware hackathon at the Fab, I'm also trying to read Naomi Klein and Stanisław Lem while working on a few hardware projects at the same time.

Jan Szejko

Graduate in computer science and math, working as a programmer for linguists at IPI PAN.
Involved in helping gifted youth. Likes things which are both intelligent and silly.

Kacper Wikieł

Physics student at FUW, wannabe entrepreneur, learning python. Wants to change banking industry.

Oid Maps

[This is a pseudonymous name I use since the hackpad is publicly accessible]
I've studied physics. With regard of the way I work, I would say I am a "hacker" (in the original sense: Using things and structures by understanding them rather than seeing what they are designed for). My brain works really strong associative, and the elements of the associative thinking are often regarded as abstract things. So, the theorists tend to put me as an experimentalist and the experimentalists tend to put me as a theoretician. I like to work directly, hands-on, involved and do not consider myself as a theoretician, although I love and need intellectual fodder and mental clarity (much better to discuss a philosophical theory or play an intellectual game than going to a bar for a drink). To do concrete work, I need to be on my own, alone, and to meet with others to get inspiration and discuss.
I bring a good understanding of technical systems, do electronics (hobby-learned), hack railway tariffs (within the legal sphere). I can do programming (the "physicists"-way, i.e. making it work, not so much with regard to software security) but I want to get more and more rid of doing computer-based stuff.
I was onvolved in some projects; one of them was a student experiment on a stratospheric BEXUS-balloon, where we built a device to suck air through filters to later do genetic analysis on that. An other thing was that at a CdE-WinterAkademie (let's say it's kind of a self-organised 1 to 1.5 week event with approx. 130 people who are motivated and highly intelligent where one visits one course over the whole time and in between there is lots of possibilities for other things to happen) I gave a course together with 2 friends where we build an EEG-device based on the OpenEEG-project and did also some measurements and scientific methodology.
Recently, I began investigating the body and the movements; practicing the dance form of "Contact Improvisation" and getting involved with bodywork practices like Shiatsu. I discovered/ was told that I have quite "sensitive hands". Also regarding to body stuff, I find myself to follow the way of observation, couriosity and experimentation.
Also like nature, and simplicity of life. And I have interest in cognition, mind, spirit, and am thinking of doing at some point a master in Cognitive Science.
Currently I like to get some hands-on experience with "practical handcrafts" like oven-building (rocket stove ..). And I am researching-by-doing forms of personal sharing ("Encounter"). Cannot find the right words right now.
I want to live in a Gypsy-waggon or so, so that I have direct involvement with the physical stuff around me and can live a simple life; and connected to an intellectual and open community of people. I need a lot own-time and am quite sensitive, having a quite hard time the last years trying to get "my shit" together in some more stable way to live.
Right now, I am looking for tasks to be direct interactively involved. Like work-projects. Can be demanding, but should be "project-like". I would like to hear about concrete possibilities!
I am from Germany, last 12 years having been in Dresden, but more and more moving around.

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