Participants of the 5th Offtopicarium

Małgorzata Joanna Adamczyk

(Kozminski University, 2nd year of PhD program / Collegium Invisibile, audit committee)

I am a researcher in social sciences, an educator, a lecturer and a tour guide, and I'm passionate about all of the above. In my doctoral dissertation I am studying non-expert open collaboration online communities connected to museums (such as Virtual Shtetl community contributing to various activities of the Museum of the History of Polis Jews), exploring not only how the above mentioned communities work, but also – how exactly they cooperate with hierarchical, professionalized museums despite the “clash of organizational cultures” between te two. It's a combination of ethnographic and nethongraphic research, so part of my field is in fact online (not helpful, makes it easier to procrastinate!).

As to various labels, I'm a human being, an academic, a geek, a feminist, social scientist, educator, procrastinator, left-wing liberal, queer, somehow bound up with Polish-Jewish heritage, etc. etc. I could probably go on, but no list would probably enlist everything. My friends say I am a kinder-surprise, as you never know what to expect. Somehow that also holds true when it comes to my scientific research (so far), as some of my papers are about Jewish sexual ethics, whereas some others describe the ban of crossbows in medieval Europe.

My projects, works and initiatives:
Polish Children's Fund's Summer School / Collegium Invisibile's Olympic Village 2014 - co-teaching a workshop entitled "Children of one God? The lights and shadows of inter-religious dialogue seen through the lens of Jewish-Christian dialogue" (

Short essays published in "Kultura Liberalna":

Mikołaj Babiak

(Instytut Chemii Fizycznej PAN)

I love to talk about big and weird ideas, technology, future, science, the mind and probably a lot of other related things that are not on my mind right now. I've just finished studying biotechnology at SGGW and I'm working with microfluidics at the research institute and spin-off company that develops diagnostics devices. Now I'm interested in combining my research work at the Institute and a need for solving serious problems and start my own company. That's why I'm also devouring any busines-related ideas. Besides that I'm more or less familiar with molecular biology, genetic engineering, linux, python programming, 3D modeling and printing. I'd certainly like to know more about product development; how to put together people, funding, hardware, software, chemistry, biology and marketing to get a selling product. I also love to travel and explore the world, preferably on a bicycle or motorcycle. People who inspire me are Elon Musk, Craig Venter, Ray Kurzweil.

The only initiative that matters to me now is starting my company. I already have an idea, almost-proof-of-concept and I know how and where to look for funding and people to recruit for a team, but that's work in progress. In the past I used to work at KnBiotech student association and co-organize some events, like Piknik Naukowy, Dni SGGW or some excursions to conferences.

Natalia Bielczyk

(Donders Institute, Nijmegen, the Netherlands, 1st year PhD student)

I graduated from University of Warsaw (as a Physicist, Mathematician and Psychologist in one person) and jumped over to Nijmegen in the Netherlands in order to do neuroscience. I am passionate about neural networks in the brain, especially in the context of psychiatric disorders. Neural networks is a very broad domain in neuroscience, starting from cortical microcircuits which analyze sensory information, and all the way up to large scale networks controlling higher cognitive processes in the brain. It is not a secret that human brain is very complex, and explaining mechanisms behind most of the cognitive disorders is still a distant future.

Hobbies: traveling, hiking, dancing, cooking, drawing in pencil, politics, economy, stock exchange, rock music, laying on the couch and mind wandering, cheap horror movies of class Z:)

I post some more or less irrelevant comments on my website:
It was originally meant to be scientifically oriented website but in practice, it is all pure mind wandering or a collection of half-baked ideas about life.

Daniel Borek

(University of Warsaw)

Philosopher (if finally wrote my thesis). I also study at MISMAP (Physics).
I'm interested in neurobiology, logic, cognitive science, popular culture, music - modern (composed music, jazz, electronic and beyond) and more traditional - polish folk music.

My projects, works and initiatives:
Co-organisator of "Sympozjum neuroestetyczne'
Co-organisator of Kawiarnia Filozoficzna Festiwalu Nauki (this events is organised by Centre for Philosophical Research, which I am a member),pl/
Co-organisator of "Kawiarenka neurobiologczna" w ramach "Obliczy neuronauk"

Currently I am an intern at Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition and Behaviour (Nijmegen).
My project is about using bayesian nonparametric models (i.e. Derichlet process) to functionally parcelate brain.

Paweł Chojnacki

(Warsaw Hackerspace)

A hacker. Neuroscience enthusiast and rationalism promotor, huge supporter of free software and open source in every branch of culture and life.

Board member of Warsaw Hackerspace
Fullstack developer at 10Clouds
Diasora* supporter and translator
former supporter of OpenBCI at University of Warsaw
supporter of
in progress of hacking a custom brain-computer interface
in progress of creating a custom version of Mi.Mu glove

Katarzyna Dębowska

(5th year of Veterinary Medicine studies)

Polish people say curiosity is the first step to the hell.
If that is true, I wonder why I am still on the Earth.
If you know the kind of people who just must know everything about the world, then I am a one of them.
Looking for answer for all my weird questions I usually pasionatelly read all kind of books. However, recently I am more interested in inspiring discussions with strange people.
In my free time I travel and strongly try to raise finance for my trips. Sunny weather encourages me to riding a bike and while sad, winter days to swimming.

I have participated in a few conferences this year- p.e. Animals and Their People (Warsaw), Animal Welfare Workshop at SGGW, XIV Middle European Buiatric Conference . I'm also a volunteer in "Viva! Foundation for animals" (working there as a creator of their blog, writing short articles and translating movies).


PhD in physics.

About 6 years ago, I fell hopelessly in love with theoretical and fundamental physics. My advicer was kind enough to allow me to take some appropriate courses and lectures. Deepening my knowledge about theoretical/fundamental physics is my passion, and I am no working on shifting this "hobby interest" towards "getting serious".

My current research interest revolves around applying renormalization group analysis methods to turbulence (theory).

I love serious no-nonsense online physics discussions, and the interactions with the immensely nice and knowledgeable people one can meet there.

When not putting my nose into books, I enjoy playing tennis in our local club, or performing music such as singing in a choir or playing the violine for example.

I am a co-founder of PhysicsOverflow which was publicly launched April 2014.

Michał Gumiela

Aleksander Jankowski

I am a PhD student in computer science at University of Warsaw, who spent 3 years of studies in Warsaw and 2 years in Singapore, and finally approaches graduation. I am working in computational biology, studying team effort in gene regulation, or how multiple transcription factors act together. I am also interested in machine learning and computational neuroscience. My other interests include: cartography, public transport (railways in particular), traveling, mountain hiking and photography.

Co-organizer of Flaszki (flashtalk conference) in 2012. Former president of Społeczność MIMUW, i.e. alumni association of Faculty of Mathematics, Informatics and Mechanics of the University of Warsaw.

Błażej Kochański

Last year of PhD at Politechnika Gdańska, 13+ years experience in banking management in Poland and Czech Republic

Experienced and exhausted banking risk professional - left corporate world in 2013 in order to pursue research interests. Professionally interested in * systemic liquidity risk in the Polish banking system * loan losses and macro cycles * banking supervision vs monetary policy * ethics in banking * financial markets in CEE * banks' financial statements *: banking risk measurement etc.
Other interests: history * languages and linguistics * religions * plus many more.

Magdalena Kasjaniuk

(2nd year of PhD)

I study biology. I'm working on parasitic plants of genus Orobanche (en. broomrape, pl. zaraza = plague). I'm riding my bike everyday. I just started helping cats with foundation "stawiamy na łapy" [put back on paws].

Co-organizator of III, IV i V Student Conference of Evolutionary Biology (Studencka konferencja biologii ewolucyjej) in Krakow
Participant of the interdisciplinary Ph.D. studies „Society – Environment – Technologies" at Jagiellonian University.

Anna Kornakiewicz

(MD (medical intern) at the Military Institute of Medicine)

I am doing clinical and molecular medicine and I want to contribute to interdisciplinary research and innovation in medicine. Medicine is some kind of antikythera mechanism which I would like to get to now, test in all dimensions and fascinate with.

I love dreaming, symbolism and metaphors and also surrealist art. I am 'impressionist' and I have childish joy of getting to know sth new. However I combine high level of abstraction with structure. I am idealist but do not avoid law, economy and business approach and wear beautiful dresses and high- heeled shoes. I love applications and actions, not only dreams, but dreams with application, even those the most abstract. Two of them is 1) to transfer some ideas from engineering part of economy (mechanism design) to healthcare market design to help resolve optimal allocation problem of lacking resources and 2) make medical education more sutable for gifted students.

Other things to say: I am fascinated with victorian times, listen to rock and symphonic metal and gentel guitar music of Tommy Emmanuel, like dancing and writing (letters and personal books) and do a lot of sightseeing to get impression of the world!

My projects, works and initiatives:
5th Offtopicarium;)
iGEM Warsaw Team Advisor - Future Lantan Hospital project and advices to conception of educational computer game.
Estimation of potential gains from Kidney Paired Donation and comparative analysis of national and worldwide transplant law to facilitate implementation of a pilot KPD program in Poland (interdisciplinary project).
Overcoming drug resistance for everolimus in renal cancer therapy (Diamond Grant, MNisW).
Gene expression profiling of renal cancer stem cells in microenvironmental model of carcinogenesis (Team, FNP).
DSB (deep brain stimulation) in drug resistant epilepsy and pain perception in Parkinson disease (projects in the course of tutorial of Collegium Invisible).
Validation of tenovin and its analoge D3 in novel assay (summer project in Amgen Scholars program, Karolinska Institute).
Evolution of the potential for ciprofloxacin resistance in Escherichia coli (EUCYS - European Union Contest for Young Scientists- project).
Some gifted and STEM education initiatives.

Staszek Krawczyk

(University of Warsaw, PhD student) (mostly in Polish, recently also first steps in English)

I am a PhD student in sociology (3rd year) at the University of Warsaw. My academic interests are in fantastic prose and the sociology of literature, and I've been active in various fan communities in Poland for several years now.

My projects, works and initiatives (links below lead to Polish content):
– the 5th Offtopicarium :-) (a popular arts and sciences event in Warsaw, August 2014)ławKrawczyk (a selection of my academic papers for download; also available here: (an academic journal that I help edit) (a number of my non-academic texts and two literary translations) (the only short story I've written so far)

Michał Krupiński

(Institute of Physics, Polish Academy of Sciences)

I am a physicist, science communicator, teacher, and science popularizer. I like infecting people of all ages with passion to physics and science in general. I love to search for interesting physical phenomena where they are not expected by anybody. I enjoy with any unusual things in science, atypical approach to life and unconventional behaviour of people. In my free time I hike in mountains and take long walking and biking tours. Once I was travelling by hitchhiking. Today, unfortunately, I don't have time for this :(

Main organizer of International Conference of Physics Students in 2008 in Kraków. Co-founder of webpage popularizing physics in a slightly unconventional way. Co-organizer of event named "Szorty naukowe" - it was an informal scientific meeting in pub, which has the main aim to get the people interested in natural sciences. Co-organizer of "Café Nauka" – popular science event in Collegium Maius in Krakow. Co-organizer of 5th Offtopicarium :) And additionally co-author of some unimportant scientific projects.

Dominik Kufel

(1st class student, High School no. 1 in Lublin)
I am a young person, who endeavors to understand mechanisms of the world around him. I am interested in any kind of science, especially physics and informatics. For me, the universe, is really beautiful. That is why I am interested in exploring the world, with physics as my ally. I enjoy working down some various, interesting problems, mostly from classical mechanics. I also belive that physics can be each time shown explicitly and exquisitly.
Nowadays I hone my problem-solving skills mostly for Physics Olympiad.
In 2014 I participated in Summer Scientific School(Wakacyjne Warsztaty Wielodyscyplinarne).
I like cycling, playing guitar and piano(I attend Music School), swimming and watching snooker.

Marcin Kurczych

(I'm a programmer)

Someone overthinking everything, including this description. I used to study interdisciplinarily - maths, computer science and psychology. Got lost a bit and working on getting back on track. My interests are mostly congruent with things I've studied, currently mostly data science and hypnosis. Apart from that I like photography, riding a bike, playing frisbee.

Jakub Madej

(3rd class student, High School no. 5 in Kraków)

I am a high school student, an enthusiast of every kind of science, especially applying concise, research-based knowledge to everyday problems. My key interest is social science, in particular economics. What I mean by 'economics' is a very absorbing study of how ordinary people (rather than firms, on which most economists concentrate) allocate limited resources in order to satisfy our needs and desires. The most interesting resources are barely noticeable ones, such as time or knowledge. Being curious of how people differ between each other througout the world, I fancy spending my spare time learning foreign languages (currently I learn six of them). I perceive myself as an open-minded person willing to exchange views and experiences with others. I also strongly believe that despite various scientific interests each scientist can easily contribute from talking to one another, and that's why I aim at participating in Offtopicarium.

As I am very young (18 years old), I had little opportunity to co-organize events etc. However, I do organize a series of economic meetings (once a week) for my peers in order to prepare them to the major contest on economics in Poland (Olimpiada Wiedzy Ekonomicznej). I also wrote several essays either submitted for competitions or published online (e.g. Firmly believing in open knowledge movement I am also a devoted Wikipedian (nick: philodemos; active on English wiki only). During Polish Children's Fund's camp I also gave a short talk on Wiki. Moreover, I am also preparing a paper on Poland's and Ukraine's economies in last 25 years for EUCYS contest.

Piotr Migdał

(finishing PhD at ICFO)

PhD student in Theoretical Quantum Optics at ICFO (Barcelona). Interested in quantum geometry and mathematical modeling in psychology; now turning into a data scientist. Dedicated to education of gifted schoolchildren and organization of bottom-up activities. In free time enjoys photography, hiking and coding. Dreams about revolutionizing how science and education are done. Loves good e-mails. Free time stuff: photography, hiking, cognitive science / philosophy of mind, playing SC2 and old/indie games.

My projects, works and initiatives: Offtopicarium, Wakacyjne Warsztaty Wielodyscyplinarne, SKFiZ UW, Flaszki.

Currently interested in data science and, in the mean time, developing a quantum game.

Anna Olchowik

(IIMCB, phd 4th year)

I do phd in bioinformatics. When I grow up I am going to be an entrepreneur.
My hobbies include game programming and synthetic biology and ice skating.

Recently I was awarded with FNP eNgage grant to create game about syntehtic biology and conduct 4 programming workshops for students/high school kids.
My work as a freelance game programmer include:
40 games at , games for PZU and jnj.

Synthetic biology:
Member/ Advisor/ Instructor of iGEM Warsaw Team 2009-2011.

Ola Pokorska

I am a phd student of psychology at the University of Warsaw, working with infants and children with autism and Asperger syndrome. I'm involved in research projects conducted by neurocognitive development labolatory. With my friends we also develop projects supporting young people with autism. I really enjoy working with medicine students during workshops (about developmental difficulties in children and still in plans also about communication with child as a patient).

Another thing that I like is studying topics related to languages like word learning in infants, bilingualism or sign languages (still with hope to become interpreter one day).

In my free time I Iisten to piano music or read non-fiction books. If I only could, I would spend more time in the mountains.

Jan Szejko


My main interest is linguistics, but I'm not a linguist. I'm interested in curiosities, mainly about constructed languages.
I enjoy making stuff (mostly dinosaurs) of modeling clay.
I like subtle works based on crazy ideas.

I made a website with interactive cryptic crosswords (in Polish):
I'm in the process of creating a new constructed language:

Emilia Wnękowicz

(Ophtalmology Resident Regional Specialised Hospital No. 4 in Bytom)

I'm especially focused on residency in ophtalmology. Besides I enjoy participating in interesting/funny/beautiful events. I also like sharing with others my recent knowledge and reflections.

During my Med School I was a member of International Federation of Medical Students' Associations (IFMSA) and Students' Scientific Society in Collegium Medicum of Jagiellonian University in Cracow. With IFMSA I organized social and educational events like "Mam Haka na Raka", "Peer Education", "Przeszczep Dalej". On my own I continue lessons for high school students in my hometown - Limanowa on medical topics like basic oncology and transplantology . With Students' Scientific Society I organized students conferences and coordinated work of students scientific group interested in pediatric neurology. Titles of papers I worked on:

Krzysztof Zieleniewski

(MISMaP / Copernicus Science Centre)

I've been to Offtopicarium twice (1st and 3rd) and made talks on physics of a nuclear bomb and mass transit organization.

I'm interested in astronomy and physics, and many other things from history to mountain walking and alpinism.

Now I work for Copernicus Science Centre spreading passion for popular science.

My projects, works and initiatives:
- China 2009 (total eclipse of the Sun and sightseeing, 3 weeks)
- Mt Blanc 2009
- Chernobyl 2011 (semi-scientific expedition)

Marcin Ziemniak

(University of Warsaw, PhD student)

I am a PhD student, who is about to graduate (however the time frame is not clear yet). Because I am studying biochemistry/organic chemistry I am interested in molecular biology, biochemistry and similar disciplines. I also like different scientific stuff - some physics, different branch of biology (neurobiology, evolutionary biology, experimental medicine etc.) Apart from academia I am quite interested in science-fiction/fantasy (books, comics, films etc.) and in music (mostly metal, rock but sometimes less heavy music). Last but not least I very like traveling to various places and taking photos (not only in exotic locations, however).

My projects, works and initiatives:
1. Several scientific publications (it can be found on PubMed, 6 are in international journals)
2. Participation in more then ten conferences (organic chemistry/ biochemistry)
3. Some popular articles about science (prepared when I was student, generally this stuff was prepared for student societies)
4. I am a member of iGEM Team Warsaw, several years ago (2009) I was a student member, in 2013 I was an advisor, this year I am an instructor.
5 Few reviews on Rotten Tomatoes and TripAdvisor
6. I take part in Offtopicarium before ;)

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