Program of the 4th Offtopicarium

Talks and their descriptions here:
Program of the 4th Offtopicarium on hackpad.

Below, just the list:

  • Brain Asymmetry (Masha Vlasenko)
  • Why are there so few women in Computer Science? (Adrian Neumann)
  • Topological Data Analysis (Piotr Achinger)
  • One thing to rule it all - on entropy (Piotr Migdał)
  • Internet of things not internet of objects [online] (Marius Buliga)
  • What should you know when you tell jokes about baca (Andrzej Antoł)
  • Let's hack education (Przemysław Biecek)
  • Singapore, a success story of social engineering (Aleksander Jankowski)
  • Welcome to machinery in paradise lost -micro and macroworld of kidneys (Anna Kornakiewicz)
  • Improv (Marcin Kotowski)
  • What to do about climate change? (Maciej Malinowski)
  • Computer superpowers (Paweł Marczewski)
  • How to change the world by new software (Sylvain Poirier)
  • Understanding depression (Karolina Sołtys)
  • Teluk Lit (Jan Szejko)
  • Brewing beer at home (Adam Czogalla)
  • Animals and humans: Where's the difference? (Katarzyna Dębowska)
  • Overfishing (Katarzyna Dębowska)
  • Do-it-yourself transhumanism (Błażej Jaworowski)
  • Fandom. A history (Staszek Krawczyk)
  • A case for legalizing drugs (Michał Kotowski)
  • Chemical? origin of life (Artur Pirog)
  • Wider interpretation of NEUROESTHETICS (Jan Jablonka)
  • Nethnography: Bronisław Malinowski 2.0, or how to tent online (Małgorzata Joanna Adamczyk)
  • Aliens on the Earth - Slime molds (Marta Czarnocka-Cieciura)
  • Graph visualizations [workshop] (Piotr Migdał)
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