Participants of the 4th Offtopicarium

Piotr Achinger
UC Berkeley, PhD student in Mathematics

Małgorzata Joanna Adamczyk [under construction]
Kozminski University / Collegium Invisibile / University of Warsaw (still, but not for long)

Geeky PhD candidate and research and teaching assistant at Kozminski, plus a tour guide and an educator at the Museum of the History of Polish Jews (which is also one of the subjects of my thesis). Cultural anthropologist and ethnographer currently having an affair with other social sciences (the dark side had cookies, so my PhD in organizational anthropology is officially affiliated as a management dissertation). Sorbonne Paris IV and University of Warsaw alumna, soon to be happily divorced from studying law (all I have to do is to write the damn LLM paper), since always and forever into Jewish studies. Right now developing NeRDS (New Research on Digital Societies) research group with her colleagues. Work and academia aside: intense procrastinator, quite recently learned that bowties are cool and got in love with Dr Who.

Andrzej Antoł
Jagiellonian University Institute of Enviromental Sciences

Who am I?
Seriuos: evolutionary ecology, evolution, general ecology, life hisotry evolution, ecology and taxonomy of big mammals, statistical data analysis, human evolution
Hobbies: farming (especially sheep), culture of Podhale and Carpathians, linguistic, history, politics, relation science-religiuos faith, catholic theology and spirituality, philosophy, classical music, folk music.

Przemyslaw Biecek

I'm enthusiast of data exploration. A bit of software engineer, statistician and designer. Now I am interested in data visualisation, especially when it comes to data about education.

Daniel Borek

Philosopher (if I finish my MPhil), maybe someday I (eventually :) earn my Physics diploma, recently I am interested in computational neuroscience

Marius Buliga (online only)
Institute of Mathematics of the Romanian Academy

I change research subjects often, but lately I am fascinated by a topic which lies somewhere between CS and geometry. I want to understand what "computing with space" is, i.e. what space is, not as a passive receptacle, an object or a result of a phenomenon, but as an universal protocol.
I practice OA since last century and I welcome and follow new social phenomena created by the development of the www.

Marta Czarnocka-Cieciura
University of Warsaw

Theoretical biologist interested in ecology and evolution.

Adam Czogalla

Browar Domowy BroGuziec
Homebrewer. Football referee. Volunteer in Polish Children's Fund.
I like cooking, playing guitar and good fun.
Nowadays I'm looking for a job suitable for my education and laziness. If I don't find in nearest future, I will try to set up some more professional craft brewer ;)

Katarzyna Dębowska

Warsaw University of Life Sciences

Who am I? That's a philosophical question, especially if I'm just a young person creating myself and curious about the world. Don't know why and don't know when I became interested in animals as biological objects (veterinary medicine student) and as thinking creatures. In my free time I'm trying to read as many books as possible; also like travelling, experimenting in the kitchen, swimming, drawing main characters from books, writing
and… dreaming.

Jan Jabłonka

University of Warsaw
Im a neuroscientist working on neuroscience ;) more precisely on cortical plasticity.

Aleksander Jankowski
University of Warsaw

PhD student in computer science at University of Warsaw. During my PhD, I also spent two years at Genome Institute of Singapore.

I am working in computational biology, studying team effort in gene regulation, or how multiple transcription factors act together. I am also interested in machine learning, artificial intelligence and computational neuroscience.

Besides, I am keen on cartography, public transport (railways in particular), traveling, mountain hiking and photography.

Błażej Jaworowski

Wrocław University of Technology

Serious interests: physics. Some graphene-based stuff, maybe moving towards topological insulators.

Less serious: Mindfucks of all sorts: hard SF novels, absurd humour, weird parts of quantum mechanics, math, cognitive science, philosophy and experimental music. I also used to write SF some years ago, even getting published, and this year I am returning to this hobby, don't know how succesfully.

Anna Kornakiewicz

The Military Institute Of Medicine, The Medical University of Warsaw, Collegium Invisible

In one short sentence: I love mechanisms and machines.

Extension: [This means trains and watches but also elucidation of the mechanisms of actions of therapeutics and overcoming the mechanisms of resistance in kidney cancer therapy.

My projects are focused on very a specific topic - therapy for kidney cancer - which despite its targeted research scope allows me to see the whole picture. My interests involve: translational medicine, molecular and clinical oncology, startups, medical technology, interdisciplinarity, some aspects of economics and law, coding of life, solving complex problems, gifted and STEM education

I love machines, but I am fascinated with beautiful minds and souls behind them. I believe that human is the most sophisticated and beautiful mechanism.

Formally I am a 6th year medical student working in the Military Institute of Medicine in the field of molecular oncology and translational medicine. However I try to find my way to become physician, innovator, inventor, entrepreneur and more importantly to become a better man by understanding my internal mechanisms and fighting with my weaknesses.

There are 3 masterpieces that reflect my passion and show me that I am the dust: this is antikythera mechanism, the grand canion and "finger lakes"of Tommy Emmanuel..

In free time: dreaming and talking about ideas: (theory of subjective communication, we are one mirror split up into pieces, theory of snow and fire, connections between Alice in Wonderland and Frankenstein and many others;) A lot of travelling, especially with trains, dresses and high-heeled shoes;); fascination with metal constructions and decorating house with pieces of metal devices; paradoxes; true emotions also in dancing; meteorites (in my ideas I think how to go from this point to drug discovery in microgravity;)) admiring stars, and observing nature, listening to rock and metal music and also some guitarist, writing letters and books]

Marcin Kotowski,
University of Toronto

I'm a PhD student at the University of Toronto, doing pure math. I'm interested in educating gifted children, open science, books (fiction and nonfiction: politics, history, history of science, cognitive science etc.), music (rock, blues etc. + guitar playing), mountains, Japanese mahjong, dreaming, improv, absurd humor (incl. trolling people ;)).

Michał Kotowski

Stanisław Krawczyk
University of Warsaw

I'm a neophyte sociologist, trying to find my way as researcher in the sociology of fantastic literature – the latter being also my hobby (I belong to the Polish fandom; last August, I co-organized the popular scientific and arts program of a fan convention called Polcon). I like teaching and hope to stay on in academia. From time to time, I work as editor and proofreader (e.g., since 2009 I've been co-editing papers in an academic journal on games "Homo Ludens"). Recently I've also taken an interest in debunking; we'll see whether it's fleeting or not.

At some point, I wondered whether I'd be able to stay until Monday. I'm not wondering anymore, I will be staying until the end.

Maciej Malinowski

Magdalen College, Oxford

I'm very interested in physics - applications of atomic and laser physics, quantum computing, and also climate science
Popular science interest - cognitive psychology, maths, neuroscience
Other hobbies - electronics, gliding, ice hockey, board games
Hobbies just starting out - rock climbing

Paweł Marczewski
University of Warsaw / Codility

My interests include many aspects of computer programming (systems design, alternative paradigms, graphics and game programming) as well as science fiction, roguelike games, Japanese culture and Mahjong.

Piotr Migdał, moc.liamg|ladgimp#moc.liamg|ladgimp
ICFO - The Institute of Photonic Sciences

PhD student in Theoretical Quantum Optics at ICFO (Barcelona). Also interested in complex systems (esp. mathematical psychology, complex networks), education of gifted high-school students (KFnrD and Scientific Summer School), open science and science 2.0, data science (worked in Compass in the Bay Area), Internet tools for collaboration and information-sharing (co-founder of Confrenzy, currently frozen - ConfrEEzy), designing a puzzle quantum mechanics game. Free time stuff: photography, hiking, cognitive science / philosophy of mind, playing SC2 and old/indie games.

Adrian Neumann
Max Planck Institute for Informatics

I like teaching. I like biking. I like books and movies. I care about my sleep schedule.

Sylvain Poirier

I love mathematics and physics (I understood general relativity at 16). My main activity is to write better courses of mathematics and physics for the undergraduate level. I also write on philosophy (metaphysics with mind/matter duality in relation with the foundations of maths and quantum physics ; science vs. pseudo-science, criticism of religion and spirituality ; ethics and economics). All is in my web sites. I wish to find web programmers to implement my plan of revolutionary social network.

Olga Pokorska

Second year PhD student of psychology at the University of Warsaw. I’m interested in neuro- and social psychology, recently in psychology of infants development. I’m working with children and adults with autism and studying polish sign language with the hope of becoming sign language interpreter. With my friends we are also working on a project for students with autism In my free time I enjoy playing the piano, reading non-fiction literature and hiking. If I only could, I would spend more time in the mountains. I’m still a big badminton and volleyball fan.

Karolina Soltys

I'm a theoretical computer science PhD drop-out, trying to figure out what to do with my life to benefit humanity (or, if that fails, felinity). I'm a sucker for weird video games and in general I'm interested in all kinds of gaming, especially the less mainstream ones, and in using gaming as storytelling or educational devices. I also like a good book, cognitive science, learning Swedish sign language and organizing events.

Anna Szarla


interventional cardiology, cardiovascular surgery and pathology. Other interests include astronomy and physics.
After work I love: sleeping(all possible positions), cooking (noodles, pasta), baking (cookies, cupcakes, muffins, brownies, Pavlova etc.), reading, swimming, diving, skiing and listening to rock and metal music.

Jan Szejko


I like playing with words (palindromes, silly rhymes and such).
I like fun constructed languages, like Lojban and Toki Pona.
I like intelligent board games and Japanese mahjong.

Masha Vlasenko
University College Dublin

Math, drawing and travelling; in past I was doing programming, mainly Google and TopCoder contests, but now I only do it for mathematical computations.

Adam Zadrożny

National Centre for Nuclear Research

I am physists and computer scientists. Currently I am doing my PhD in physics from gravitational waves at National Centre for Nuclear Research in Otwock-Swierk.

Apart from my main interest I very like to work on interdisciplinary projects. Most recent is studing law as a graph on which I would like to talk on off-topicarium.

I am also quite passionate about mathematical modeling of economic prcesses and influance of introducing a law on economy.

My main hobby is traveling and hiking in mountains.

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