Warp Drive Rozek

Warp drive - Star Trek vs. reality
Interstellar travel is essential element of science-fiction. Unfortunately, distances in our galaxy are so large, that using today's technology would take thousands of thousands of years. One of technologies that have some physical justification is used in e.g. Star Trek - warp drive - an engine that would curve the spacetime in specific way that traveling with speeds higher than speed of light would be possible. I've done a short summary of warp technology in Star Trek universe and discussion of Alcubierre drive model.

Spaceballs. Dir. Mel Brooks. MGM/UA Home Video, 1987.
A great parody of all i was talking about (scene with acceleration to "Ludicrous Speed").

After presentation we've watched two Star Trek episodes related to the topic of talk:
Star Trek: Voyager S02E15 "Threshold" - about breaking the warp 10 barrier (non canonical episode)
Star Trek: Enterprise S02E24 "First Flight" - about first warp 2 travel and discovery of dark matter nebula

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