Małgorzata Joanna Adamczyk
I am a researcher in social sciences (on a PhD track at Kozminski University), an educator and a tour guide. In my doctoral dissertation I am studying non-expert open collaboration online communities connected to museums (such as Virtual Shtetl community contributing to various activities of the Museum of the History of Polis Jews), exploring not only how the above mentioned communities work, but also – how exactly they cooperate with hierarchical, professionalized museums despite the “clash of organizational cultures” between the two. Even though the starting point is organizational theory, Jewish studies seem to wait around the corner (as they always do in my research in some way), considering the most analyzed museum.
Besides organizational theory I'm interested in museology, the XXIst century memory of the II World War, storytelling, oral history, diaries, interreligious and intercultural dialogue and Polish-Jewish history.
Oh, and - it's 3 years old, but still pretty accurate.

Daniel Borek
Next year I'll get my master's degree in Philosophy, I also study Physics within MISMaP. I'm interested in complex system, cognitive science and neurobiology, logic, popular culture, modern music (contemporary classical music, jazz, electronic and beyond) and traditional polish folk music.

Zuzanna Borzymowska

Bartłomiej Chromik
Jestem absolwentem Etnologii na UW oraz kierunku Metody ilościowe w ekonomii i systemy informacyjne w SGH. W zeszłym roku zacząłem doktorat. Naukowo zajmuję się tym, co naprawdę mnie interesuje. Oprócz tego trochę biegam. Co jakiś czas wyciągam z szafy zakurzoną książkę do nauki programowania. W wolnych chwilach organizuję koncerty rosyjskiej, awangardowej, żeńskiej grupie rockowej Iva Nova.

Marta Czarnocka-Cieciura
Bio-mat-nie-wiadomo-co [obecnie teoretyczna ekologia i genetyka populacji]. Lubię przyrodę ożywioną we wszelkich, zwłaszcza dziwnych przejawach, absurdalny humor i nietypowe spojrzenie na świat. Poza tym lubię wędrować, focić i rysować [aczkolwiek te aktywności ostatnio zawiesiłam z powodu chorowania na magisterkę].

Krzysztof Gogolewski
Currently finishing BSc in mathematics. Next year will probably work at University at Warsaw as a programmer implementing automata theory tools. Interests: Haskell - I have used Haskell since 2008, reported many bugs in GHC and contributed several patches []. Recently submitted a paper on kind polymorphism. Computational complexity - self-studying for about three years, following recent developments.

Aleksandra Klimek
I combine studying physics with some biology and maths (in the past.) I am also an acitve member of Students' Physics Club (SKFiz.) I’m interested in complex systems and quantum information. I am a theoretician, but I like experimental cooking. I am also keen on learning languages such as Georgian or Lithuanian.

Tomasz Kołodziejczuk
Student of Automatics and Robotics on Warsaw University of Technology. I love to travel, but I'm not rich - so travel by hitchhiking ;) I am popculture lover and fan of popular science - have spread but not specialised knowledge of both.
Other hobbies:IT, social media, technologies, popculture, radio, classical movies, political thinking, economics, libertarianism, chess.

Marcin Kotowski, moc.liamg|1ikswotok.nicram#moc.liamg|1ikswotok.nicram,
PhD student in pure mathematics (geometric group theory and probability) at the University of Toronto. I’m also interested in theoretical computer science and quantum information theory. My other interests include: education of gifted students (tutor/co-organizer at KFnrD, SSS and, recently, Mathcamp), open science, books (fiction, politics, history [esp. US], history of science, cognitive science etc.), music and guitar playing, mountain hiking, Japanese mahjong (Riichi), improv theater, dreams, absurd humor (e.g.

Michał Kotowski , moc.liamg|1ikswotok.lahcim#moc.liamg|1ikswotok.lahcim,
I’m a PhD student in mathematics (geometric group theory and probability) at the University of Toronto. I’m also interested in theoretical computer science and theoretical physics. Apart from science I’m interested in lots of stuff, including education of gifted kids (KFnrD, SSS, Mathcamp), literature, history, history of science, philosophy, music, mountain hiking, board games, improvised theater etc. etc.

Maciej Kozubal

Stanisław Krawczyk (Staszek),
Academically, I'm interested in cultural sociology and game studies. In my PhD, I carry out research on the history of fantastic literature in Poland. Less seriously, I like playing the guitar and singing Jacek Kaczmarski's songs to boot.

Marcin Kurczych
I’m finishing my MSc in mathematics (almost one year behind the schedule now). That being said I really like maths and it has much affected the way my mind works. Fortunately it were rather parts of mathematics about ideas and clarity, not details and calculations. Currently I focus on probability and statistics, as they are great tool to describe unknown and uncertain. Together with programming skills it allows to do things falling under popular term of data science.
I also like psychology (mainly cognitive, social, influence and personality) and photography.

Grzegorz Link
Finishing MSc in theoretical physics (particle physics, supersymmetry). Disenchanted with the field, I once drifted into the stock market and investing money - as far as to startup my own company, takityle. Possessed with the idea of creating something of my own, and impacting the world in some good way, namely by finding ways for people to make their material lives a little better. Also very much interested in music, philosophy, economics and everything that has some kind of mechanism or pattern working.

Piotr Migdał, moc.liamg|ladgimp#moc.liamg|ladgimp,
[I am co-organizing, but won’t be on site; perhaps I will give a talk via G+, but only if the networks is good]
PhD student in Theoretical Quantum Optics at ICFO (Barcelona). Also interested in complex systems (esp. mathematical psychology, complex networks, data science), education of gifted high-school students (KFnrD and SSS), open science and science 2.0, Internet tools for collaboration and information-sharing (co-founder of Confrenzy, currently frozen - ConfrEEzy), designing a puzzle quantum mechanics game. Free time stuff: photography, hiking, cognitive science / philosophy of mind, playing SC2 and old/indie games.
Now having a data science internship, in SF, in Startup Compass.

Artur Piróg
Hi, as you will probably see on the event, I am interested in biology and I always try to find a some kind of hack that can make this topic a bit less hard to discover. Sometimes I feel that I attempt somewhat impossible things, but you can just call it philosophy or laziness;) Now I am almost unemployed, I will probablyy start my PhD in december, in Intercollegiate Faculty of Biotechnology, Gdańsk. Also I like cycling, wilderness, beer, and talking about crazy subjects.
I am looking for someone who might help me with clarification of my ideas, so I am open to discussion.

Olga Pokorska
First year PhD student of psychology at the University of Warsaw. I’m interested in neuro- and social psychology, recently in psychology of infants development. I’m working with children and adults with autism and studying polish sign language with the hope of becoming sign language interpreter. With my friends we are also working on a project for students with autism ( In my free time I enjoy playing the piano, reading non-fiction literature and hiking. If I only could, I would spend more time in the mountains. I’m still a big badminton and volleyball fan.

Free Human being. Jobless, homeless, footloose. Travelling story-teller. Full time social contributor. Life hacker. Political writer, sometimes visionary. Living (with Natasha and dogs) solely in the gift economy realm. Currently running (stalled a bit) crowdfounding campaign for Expedition Freedom, setting up local youth association in a small village near Rzeszów (, food coop in Rzeszów ( and carrying on hemp reintroduction group

Piotr Rożek
3rd year student of Technical Physics at Poznan University of Technology. In my scientific work i'm interested in condensed matter physics and quantum many-body systems, but i can do anything what i find interesting (functional analysis, differential geometry, programming, mineralogy, geophysics, electronics, and now i feel like i should be interested in genetics). In "free-time" i'm interested in philosophy, literature; in general i like to absorb modern (XX century =>) culture. I used to be orthodox-PC-player, and now i'm coming back to this beautiful kind of art. I'm also a snuff-box collector (unofficial: 3rd biggest collection in poland).

Maciej Sawicki
I'm Devops Engineer at Polidea - awesome mobile software dev house.
I have expierience with Python and Android development. I'm organizer at Warsaw GDG - Google Developers Group. We make events for developers passionated about Google technologies. I'm member of Warsaw Hackerspace.

Kamila Stępniowska
COO w Geek Girls Carrots - zajmuje się operacyjnym zarządzaniem organizacją, odpowiada za warsztaty i rozwój nowych projektów. Pisząc pracę doktorską w Instytucie Socjologii UW, podejmuje problematykę społecznych teorii sieciowych oraz kultury komputerowej. Jest założycielką startapu Taagshirts. Aktywnie działa na rzecz ochrony i edukacji praw człowieka w Polsce. Promuje ideę wzajemnego kształcenia – współorganizatorka pierwszej edycji Offtopicarium, organizatorka Wakacyjnej Akademii Nie Tylko dla Geeków.

Kaja Stolarska
Recently developing applications and e-learning courses at work. Off work-passioned about travelling(2 times in Georgia over past 2 montus). Avid reader and film watcher. Always full of energy to do something new.

Jakub Ślęzak
I’m last year MSc student of physics and mathematics, I specialise in stochastic processes. I’m a part of Hogo Steinhaus Center – a group of mathematicians working in interdisciplinary areas, following the quote of our patron “Mathematician will do it better”. Outside of work I like to rummage in fantastics and philosophy, preferably both at the same time. This includes any related media, such as books, games, anime/manga, movies and so on. Rest of my time not taken by considerations about Purpose of Everything (and/or elves) is tragically lost because of my music hunger, which includes different kinds of ambient, minimal music, and others which I have no idea how to name. Mentioning more specific traits I’m quite fluent in Japanese. Also a good cook, used to feeding people.

Jan Warchoł
I'm interested in music and computers - musical interests range from notating and performing music to creating instruments and writing notation software.
I use Linux, so this qualifies me as a nerd ;) and I'm also obsessive about details and doing things The Right Way. I like reading and walking in mountains.

Marianna Zadrożna

Krzysztof Zieleniewski
- semiconductor physics, in particular electric transport in graphene (and in AlGaN heterostructures previously);
- animating at Copernicus Science Centre;
- trips to mountains and climbing

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