What Hippocrates can learn from Darwin?

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When there's a faulty machine in a factory, the owner do not repair abnormal products but repair the machine. He try to do something of what is causing the problem and would be a fool if he tried to fight with the effects of poorly functioning machine.

So why we (almost) always want to cure the disease without trying to understand the mechanisms of our's body response to patogenes or unproper lifestyle?

One of the most typical examples of evolutionary medicine - the most common symptome of cold: the fever. Temperature of body is going up and we feel like a sh*t. So what we do? "Oh sweet God, thanks for Panadol/Eferalgan/Nurofen/Paracetamol/Polopiryna/…!". Wrong. We just helped patogenes. The body WANTED higher temperature to fight with enemy more efficient. All chemical reactions, so the biochemical ones too, proceeds faster in higher temperture. The immune response bases on the various proteins, and their reaction rate depends on temperature. Warmer you are your organism fight better (unless it will become too hot and your proteins will danaturate - just like these in scrambled eggs).
Takeing antipyretics drugs makes you a friend of patogens.

There are many cases when digging in evolutionary history of men (or patogenes…) and his (its) adaptations helps medicine.
I encourage you to think about the possible case everytime when something will itches, hurts or simply annoying you. There's nothing without a reason.

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