Keep on rockin' in the Tea World

Maciej Malinowski (Magdalen College, University of Oxford)



Tea is arguably the best drink available on the market [1]. During the talk, we discussed:

  • How the tea originated from the eyelid of a Japanese monk, but not really
  • Tea's journey from China to Japan, England and eventually to India
  • Past and present tea traditions in Japan, United Kingdom and Poland
  • How some people seriously dislike tea
  • How all tea originates from the same plant, apart from non-tea
  • Brewing a perfect cuppa
  • Awareness regarding press releases about its health effects

Slides are available here

Further reading

Advice on brewing black tea:

ISO3103: - generally bad advice if you want it tasty
Royal Society of Chemistry release:
George Orwell in letter to 'Evening Standard':

I believe there is lack of good literature on the subject. The best book published in English that I know of is 'The Tea Enthusiast's Handbook' by Mary Lou Heiss and Robert J. Heiss. However, there is a book in Polish which I really like: 'Herbata' by Małgorzata Caprari (6.90 PLN!).

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