Jacek Kaczmarski never dies

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During the Offtopicarium I performed a few songs by Jacek Kaczmarski (1957–2004), a well known Polish poet and singer. A number of his works have a cult status in Poland and there is a comprehensive website devoted to him (not in English, unfortunately, but Google Translate keeps getting better).

In an attempt to show the value of Kaczmarski's sung poetry to English-speaking persons, I have collected some links concerning "Mury" ("Walls"), his most famous song.

1. A recording of Jacek Kaczmarski singing "Mury" himself.

2. A Wikipedia entry on the song, presenting its importance and interpretation, as well as containing both the Polish and English versions of the lyrics.

3. A general Wikipedia entry on Kaczmarski.

4. A Spanish and then Polish recording of the original song by Lluís Llach, L'Estaca ("The Stake"). Kaczmarski's piece has the same melody but the lyrics are changed to be more multi-layered than the source text. You can compare "Mury" to the English translation of L'Estaca here.

5. A lot of other people have performed "Mury" as well. Just to give you a few varied examples: Jean-Michel Jarre did it during the 25th anniversary of Solidarity in 2005, Michał Gasz sang the piece on TV in 2008 and the band Strachy na Lachy published their own version in 2007.

Listen, read, enjoy. And remember!

This summary is a sligthly altered copy of a blog post that I wrote right after the Offtopicarium.

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