We are delighted to announce the 7th edition of Offtopicarium!

Offtopicarium is an event for people with ideas and passion: a mix of a workshop, loose conference, and geek gathering. We are open to various fields – including scientists (esp. PhD students), young entrepreneurs, people involved in NGOs, startups, etc. You can find more about our main idea here.


The 7th edition of Offtopicarium took place in Słomczyn near Warsaw, 15-17th April 2016.

**Please feel free to share your thoughts and feelings about 7th edition[ ] **

At Offtopicarium, every participant gives a talk (standard one: 15 min + 15 min for a discussion; but if you want something else, just ask) or prepares some interesting activity for all participants (e.g. tutorials or workshops). Choose topics that you really want to share with others - there are no restrictions on the topics, as long as they are interesting!

If there are more applications than spots available (~35), participants will be qualified based on interesting proposed topics (practical activities will be even more welcome).

Important information:

• The deadline for application is 25.03.2016. After that date the applications will not be taken into consideration. We will inform you whether your application will have been accepted by 1.04.2016.
• The cost of the event is 45 zł (it covers accommodation and refreshments. Participants are to pay an advance (25 zł + optionally T-shirt price) by 08.04.2016.
• If you like to get a T-shirt, please indicate so in the form, along with size. We polite ask you to pay for it together with the advance. We will announce exact price later, but we expect it to be around 25 zł.

Additional information:

• We do not provide any food. There is a kitchen available on site. However, if you are interested in preparation of share food we strongly encourage you to indicate this in the registration form.
• Since the guesthouse does not provide any bed linen you should bring with you a sleeping bag.

To get a feeling about what the event is like, you can take a look at the programs of previous editions (see below and menu on the left).

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Previous editions

Sixth edition

17-19th April 2015 in "DobraNocka" guest house, Warsaw. 6th Offtopicarium event on FB

Fifth edition

25-29 September 2014, in the "Irys" guesthouse (Węgierska Górka, Beskid Żywiecki mountains). 5th Offtopicarium event on FB.

Fourth edition

3-6 January 2014, in Słomczyn near Warsaw.

Third edition

9-12 August 2013, in Słomczyn near Warsaw.

Second edition

4-6 January 2013, in Słomczyn near Warsaw.

First edition

10-12 August 2012, in Słomczyn near Warsaw.

Participants and program (with some slides, references and talk summaries) – menu on the left.


If you have any questions, remarks or ideas about Offtopicarium – feel free to contact us!

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