20 minuts + 20 minutes for discussion

  1. Science 2.0 and Open Science - Michał Kotowski, Piotr Migdał
    How the Internet gives new opportunities for scientific collaboration, knowledge-sharing and collective problem-solving.
  2. Prisons in Poland - Kamila Stępniowska
    How they operate - an example of Biała Podlaska Prison - conditions, problems and successes.
  3. Roguelike and roguelike-like games - Paweł Marczewski
    Why is "killing letters to collect punctuation" more immersive than "Call of Duty"? And what is the effect of roguelikes on game design (e.g., the role of failure, procedural content generation).
  4. Where reason fails - Staszek Krawczyk
    A few words on emotions and narrative thinking from a psychologist's standpoint (with some bits and pieces from neuroscience and sociology). Aimed at encouraging you to do things in which rational and scientific thinking is not of much use.
  5. Automatic theorem proving - Paweł Marczewski
    Is it possible to explain mathematics to a computer? Of course. It is not easy (forget about hand-waving), but gives a lot of satisfaction.
  6. Scientific cabaret - what's that? - Michał Krupiński
    Why is it so rare? Does it make any sense? I would like to share a few thoughts on it and a few experiences I had.
  7. Thinking and computers - Piotr Olejniczak
  8. Virtual sex and poultry - Marta Czarnocka-Cieciura
    How Individual Based Modeling helps evolution research.
  9. What's the physics behind the A-Bomb? - Krzysztof Zieleniewski
    Why it was difficult, but is not anymore; why it frightens, but not militarists; and what are Marshak waves.
  10. What we don't know about autism - Olga Pokorska
  11. A few words about sign language - Olga Pokorska
  12. Bitcoin - Paweł Marczewski
  13. Information - physics and philosophy - Piotr Rożek
  14. Surveillance and repressions in 20th century USA - Marcin Kotowski
  15. Usability - Mikołaj Dądela
  16. Biotech isn't that scary - Tomasz Kolinko
  17. Almost mythical characters - stories from Boikivshchina - Bartłomiej Chromik
  18. What the difference between the Kęty flea market from a free market? - Bartłomiej Chromik
  19. Onomastics - how to name a project, product, company or event - Paweł Przytuła
  20. Does 2x bigger mean 2x better? - Piotr Migdał
    On scaling of living organisms, cities and academic institutions.


  1. Programming Micro-controllers - Piotr Iwaniuk
  2. How to enter the stage and don't run away? - Kamila Sidor i Tomasz Kolinko
    Warsztat z przemawiania publicznego i radzenia sobie ze stresem podczas wystąpień publicznych.
  3. How to find people to continue a students' chapter? - a discussion

Other stuff

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