"It's always worthwhile speaking to a clever man" – "The Brothers Karamazov", Fyodor Dostoevsky

Our goal is to gather people with open mind and creative ideas, who like to discuss, create and solve problems and are not afraid of unconventional and "off-topic" ideas. Who are we looking for? We welcome people from different fields, e.g., scientists, entrepreneurs, people involved in startups, NGOs, etc.

We're open to a whole range of forms and topics , such as mathematics, programming and data analysis, education and current social issues, creating beautiful and not necessarily practical things, and so on. The common theme should be passion and willingness to sharing and making ideas real, whether these ideas are serious or not. If you organize an event or participate in an interesting project – we'd like to hear about it!

Standard conferences are usually narrowly specialized and leave little space for "off-topic" things . We aim for the "do it yourself" formula – what Offtopicarium looks like will depend only on the participants. You can propose fully-fledged workshops and lightning talks, short, medium and long talks, discussions, programming hackathons – any form of sharing your knowledge and ideas, especially those that don't fit a conventional schedule.

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